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English language Master’s programs

The School of Economics and Management is the innovative development driver of SUSU and Chelyabinsk region in the field of economics and management.

The School of Economics and Management partnership with leading Russian and foreign companies provides students with a unique opportunity to participate in solving practical problems for business in the educational process. As well as getting a prestigious job, and make rapid professional growth after graduation.

The strategic goal of the Graduate School of Economics and Management - the formation of a unique practice-oriented scientific and educational environment, allowing preparing world-class leaders who can create and develop an effective business in the global innovation economy.

English language Master’s programs

Master’s Program in Economics (Commerce on the International Market of Goods and Services)

The Program 120 ECTS credits, full time (2 years) degree – Master

The program is aimed at preparing the economy masters, engaged in foreign trade in industrial enterprises, trade and services. Masters study issues related to the specifics of the foreign business organization in the domestic market, as well as organization of business in foreign markets, the peculiarities of organizing a network business, exploring the possibilities for international investment and financing, and assessing risks in the sphere of external economic activity.

Main courses:

  • - Doing business in a foreign market
  • - Workshop on commerce on the foreign market of goods and services
  • - International commercial transactions
  • - Organization of international countertrade
  • - Creation and development of international companies networks
  • - Management of foreign economic activity in logistics systems
  • - Assessment and prevention of risks in the field of foreign economic activity

Master’s Program in Management (Strategic and Innovative Marketing)

The Program 120 ECTS credits, full time (2 years) degree – Master

The program is aimed at preparing specialists in marketing for major industrial and commercial enterprises, retail chains, financial and banking structures, as well as for organizing business. Education provides the formation of professional competencies in the field of marketing analysis of markets, research of the company's competitive environment, studying the psychology of consumer behavior and developing effective marketing solutions.

Main courses:

  • - Methods of market research and marketing analysis
  • - Workshop on strategic and innovative marketing
  • - Marketing factors of business performance
  • - Modern marketing technologies
  • - Marketing planning
  • - Innovation marketing
  • - Integrated marketing communications

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